The ultimate Asian cycling adventure

Mad Dogs-style adventure cycling in Asia will rock your world! Do something out of the ordinary and cycle all the way.


You will experience adventures, the like of which you have never seen before. We combine the security of biking tours with the chance to achieve something truly extraordinary. Rides are fully supported, giving peace of mind and you can bite of as much or little as you like. More memorable, more adventurous and more satisfying than other "cycling tours!"


Do memories of stunning scenery, camaraderie, food, culture, exceptional support and pride at an amazing lifetime achievement have you wanting more? Are you itching for the saddle, for exploring the world and feeding the senses? You know what it’s all about and you’re ready more. You know that these are not just humdrum “cycling tours!”

Skip the ordinary biking tours – see all that Asia has to offer on a Mad Dog challenge

A Mad Dog offers you more than ordinary cycle tours – it’s an unforgettable adventure that gives you a unique way to see the world. Discover what you’re made of on the open road.

Explore Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and more with a team of like-minded people and do something you’ll always remember and never forget!

Unlike any bicycle tours on the market

Interested? Learn about the Mad Dogs philosophy and register for an event with a company providing something that’s more than just more run-of-the-mill cycle tours. With trips running year round across East Asia, there’s always a time and a place that suits you.

Contact us at our Hong Kong office with any questions about our trips or our company today. Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.