The Penang - Phuket Epic

Take this thrilling cycling adventure 17-20 October.


Alternatively join the Phuket Dash, a fabulous one day ride on 20 October from Krabi to Phuket, or the 3-day adventure from Penang to Krabi.


Join a great gang for our sublime 4-day adventure challenge, The Penang - Phuket Epic, 17-20 October 2018. Starting in Penang and taking in the jungles of northern Malaysia, you pass a little-visited hilltop border before continuing through famous Trang, Krabi and Phuket. Epic adventure, food, challenge, beaches and achievement. Asia at its best! The ride is fully supported, giving peace of mind.


The Phuket Dash is a fabulous one-day cycling adventure from Krabi to Phuket, through stunning karst scenery, rural villages, lush hills, finishing and ending on lovely beaches. Another option is to cycle 3 days from Penang to Krabi, nearly (!) all the benefit of Penang to Phuket - without the stunning karst-dominated final day, but perhaps you want to chillax on Railay beach for a day before heading home?

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