We have three scheduled Mad Dog rides, which are open to general registration. Go on, register now and this will be the most memorable part in your year!

The Japan Epic


The Taiwan Epic


The Kaiping Dash


Our rides are all about adventure, culture and personal discovery while being fully supported. The object of all is the same - to gain a wonderful adventure and hopefully also an achievement.

You need not worry - support is always at hand and if you can't go on, you can always jump in the vehicle if you no longer wish to try to cycle every last mile - that's what it's there for! We also have mechanics who will fix your bike if it's gone wrong, and we can arrange cycle hire for you. For a great many people, this is the first time they have ever signed up to an adventure cycling ride.

You can tailor the ride to suit your needs in terms of which days to attend - and there are some routes which are more suited to those starting out on adventure cycling. for example, the last 3 cycling days of the Japan Epic are not only shorter in distance, but utterly stunning. Likewise, the last two days of the Taiwan Epic are also suitable for lesser-experiences people as well as being highly enjoyable. 

Conversely, the first four days of the Japan Epic, and the first two days of the Taiwan Epic are more challenging. Beginners are however welcome, so long as you're up for the challenge. No problem if you don't make it! The only rule we have is that if you will not make it by dark, you must be collected by the van. The Kaiping Dash is a happy medium - a proper adventure set into one of China's most fascinating corners

Completing an Epic ride is a life defining achievement; your friends and colleagues will not believe what you have achieved since they last saw you. Only by completing in a scheduled Epic can you be admitted into the Hall of Fame and receive a Mad Dogs completion certificate. 



If you're ready for an adventure,
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