The Tiger Ride (previously styled as The Penang – Phuket Epic) is all about adventure. Whether you are after a challenging tour, or after a “chilled” beach and cycling holiday which is still an overland adventure, there are two options to suit a range of abilities.

This annual event, which you can join in 4, 3, 2 and 1 days options, presents a scintillating and unique opportunity to experience a deeply personal interaction with Malaysia and Thailand – the people, the food, the landscape, the street life, the culture.

Whether you are participating in “Mad Dog” distance – attempting to cycle all the distance between these two fabulous places, or a taking part in the “Wild Cat” ride – a more relaxed overland adventure including long lunches and relaxed distances –   you will have a privileged, fully balanced view of life in these fabulous countries, firmly off the “banana pancake trail!” Our fantastic support ensures peace of mind and at the end, you’ll come away with a great deal of pride.

Wild Cat distances are approximately 30km before lunch, and then 30km after lunch, which works out at approx 4 hours of cycling for most people.

Mad Dog distances, which include the Penang to Phuket Challenge, aiming to cover every inch of ground between these cities in the saddle, are a proper endeavour, range from 155km to 175km each day.


Route design

Our routes have been carefully researched, and crafted to give maximum enjoyment while making progress. They have stood the test of time, 2019 being the this being the sixth year that we have travelled this route.

Baggage forwarding

Your luggage travels by vehicle so you are light and free on your bicycle. You can also access it periodically throughout the day.

Hotel accommodation

The general standard of accommodation we use is very comfortable indeed and we take pride in using awesome places. Think beaches. Think cocktails. On a couple of nights, our travels take us to really remote areas we stay in the best accommodation available which can be a little more basic than you’d usually get on a European cycling holiday but that is part of the adventure. Think the banks of a freshwater mountain lake or an inland river. With a cold glass of Thai beer and a delicious aromatic supper and that indescribably “fuzzy” feeling of having done some exercise, you will be very comfortable, we are certain.

Support vehicles

Vehicles are at your fingertips should you require assistance or if you want to stop riding.


A bicycle mechanic always available to fix problems with your bike. He will also be able to have a look at your bike prior to starting the ride.

Local interpreters

Local language-speaking interpreters will be in the vehicles to help with interpreting, at your fingertips.

A great breakfast

A hearty breakfast is either provided by the hotel for those Wild Cats waking up a bit later, or for those cycling further and leaving earlier, by the support team, since hotels often will not provide it early enough.

Lunch / Checkpoint with food and refreshments

We believe in eating local – for our lunch stops you will sample what is arguably the finest food in the world! There will also be plenty of snacks for you to stuff in your pockets for eating on the go. Lunch forms a highlight of the day and it’s great to chat to other participants about what you have seen and experienced.

Routes and Critical Info Sheet

If you are on the Wild Cat ride, you will cycle together with a cycling mechanic who will show you the way.

For those on the Mad Dog challenge, our carefully researched routes for each day are shared with you in the form of a GPX file which you can load onto your GPS unit. If you don’t have a GPS unit, we have Garmin units which are available for hire through prior arrangement. A daily Critical Info Sheet with important information is also shared with you each day. These unique tried and tested arrangements allow you sufficient independence to retain the element of adventure, with support is always at your command.

An exclusive Tiger Ride / Mad Dogs cycling jersey is given to those who register and fill out the registration form more than one month before the first day of the event


The support team always take heaps of photos which we will share electronically after the event so your friends and family can see what a wonderful adventure and epic achievement you’ve done!

Recognition of an extraordinary lifetime achievement

If you are on the Mad Dog ride and complete the entire distance from Penang to Phuket without taking transport, you will get an exclusive Completion Certificate, and everyone crossing the line gets a printed victory photograph. Participants who successfully “bag” the challenge are inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Wild Cat participants may not have the same degree of “respect” but who has enjoyed more cocktails?!



By cycling through a country you will develop an intimate attachment both to its land and its people. It is immersive, like jumping into the sea with a scuba tank to explore a coral reef rather than looking through the window of the aquarium or glass-bottom-boat. A bicycle adds the necessary ingredient of unknown that turns a “journey” into an “adventure.”

“You have no such accurate remembrance of a country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” – Hemingway


Mad Dogs are the organisers of the Tiger Ride. Humphrey Wilson founded Mad Dogs in Hong Kong in 2013, having the incredible satisfaction of adventure cycling through a ride he made from London to Hong Kong in 2018. He wanted others to experience the same feeling of exhilaration. When he’s not adventuring on two wheels, Humphrey can usually be found flying aeroplanes. Rory Mackay acts as support team leader on our rides. Rory, who also runs adventure hiking expeditions all over Hong Kong for the massively popular Wild Hong Kong, has cycled from Cape Town to Cairo.

Mad Dogs have organised cycling events all over Asia, and continue to do so for large private groups.


Your registration will be made through our preferred partners, prestigious Hong Kong-based travel agent Jebsen Holidays. This means you can register with confidence and will be protected under Hong Kong’s travel agent’s ordinance. http://www.jebsenholidays.com/en/About-Us