Ao Nang, Krabi to Phuket

The Tiger Ride’s Mad Dogs and Wild Cats categories both follow the same general itinerary. The main difference being the distance cycled, with the Mad Dogs category cycling the entire distance, and Wild Cats cycling approx 30km before and after lunch, scooting the rest in the comfort of a vehicle.

DAY 1 (30 November)

If you arrive early, check into the hotel on Ao Nang Beach and enjoy a day relaxing by the beach, or perhaps a day trip to stunning Railay. You will have the chance to meet the other participants over a beer or dinner.

DAY 2 (1 December)

The first part of the day, after you bid farewell to the Ao Nang’s lovely bay, is through the most beautiful, extraordinary karst scenery.

You then head inland through numerous small villages and lush greenery – there are also a few satisfying – but certainly not big – hills to conquer!

What could be a more appropriate place to finish a challenge of this scale than Mai Khao Beach in Northern Phuket?! Enjoy a cold beer, some victory shots, and then just run into the sea!

DAY 3 (2 December 2019)

Waking up on Mai Khao beach in Phuket is an absolute pleasure, especially when you have earned a bit of relaxation. Perhaps you’re going to spend the day on the beach before catching an easy transfer to the nearby airport or perhaps you’re going to linger a little longer in this beautiful place!

Mad Dogs category elevation profile:

Elevation:+ 832 / – 833



When is the next edition?

1 December 2019.


What is the single supplement? (Note, you will only need to pay this if you do not want to be paired with another rider of the same sex.)



What type of bike should I bring?

A road bike would be very convenient although this is adventure cycling and if you’re not good at watching the road for rougher spots, a fast tourer or hybrid may be better. Wild Cats category riders could quite happily use a mountain bike.



Where does the Challenge start?

Ao Nang, Krabi.



Where does the challenge finish?

The Mai Khao Beach area of Phuket – famous for stunning beaches and amazing Karst scenery jutting up from the sea.



Which flights should I book to get home?

Phuket and Krabi airports are both well served. Check out for the best deals.



Do I need a Visa for Thailand?

Many natonalites are admitted at the borders of Thailand without the need for obtaining a visa. Please find out whether you require a visa before travel; if you are in doubt please contact the Mad Dogs team.


“I thought it was a really well organized ride and thoroughly enjoyed it.  You feel a real sense of achievement drinking a cold beer after a long day in the saddle, having cycled across 100miles between Phuket and Krabi.  A great way to see Thailand and extremely rewarding.” Alex Vaulkhard, Finance Professional, British


“The Dash was awesome fun for cyclists and non-cyclists alike. Renting a villa meant cold beers and a refreshing swim for the cyclists at the end, and is a highly recommended way for the whole family to make a weekend of it.” Mary Lobb, finance professional, British