A 25% (50% for Phuket Dash) deposit of the amount shown below secures your place with the balance due 60 days before.

Registration after 19 July 2018 must however be paid in full, and will be subjec to availability.


Number of days below refers to the number of consecutive cycling days that you wish to register for. The total length of your trip will be 2 days longer, to account for the day you arrive and the day you leave. Accommodation is always included in the price for the day before you begin cycling and the evening of your final cycling day.


Late registration charge for registrations after 18 August 2018:

Phuket Dash: US$30     Penang to Krabi: US$60     Penang to Phuket: US$80


We are a Hong Kong-based company and accept payment in Hong Kong dollars only, at the rate of HK$7.8 to US$1. The HK$ has been pegged to the US$ at this approximate rate since 1983; we quote in US$ for increased international understandability. Credit card transactions are subject to a 3% Jebsen Holidays fee.